German company H.E.R.A. (“High-grade European Research for small Arms”, aka HERA-ARMS) produces a range of weapon accessories and conversion kits.  (Their website is available in both English and German)Whilst perhaps best known for their Glock Carbine Conversion kit, or even their Buttstock/Grip Conversion kit for the HK SL-8, their “Colt Pistol Extension” (or CPE for short) shows that even a 100-year old design like the Colt M1911 can be brought bang up to date with the latest innovations.A model of simplicity, the CPE simply bolts on to the pistol in place of the normal grips to provide a platform for tactical accessories without having to modify your pistol.  With the inclusion of an additional adapter, the CPE frame will also take AR-15 type stocks – put a longer barrel on your 1911 and you now have a quick and easy tactical carbine.  The CPE is available in Black, Tan and Olive Drab.* Note: check the firearms legislation for your area before shelling out for one of these, as the CPE essentially turns your standard pistol into a stocked-pistol – and that may not be legal where you live.