When we think of the middle east we tend to think about the land-locked seas of sand, and maybe overlook the military significance of the seas around the region. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of things on display at MiliPol Qatar that involved getting when when using them that we shouldn’t have any trouble remembering the water-borne nature of much of the work in the region.

First up, we have the SB Commando MK VI 2-seat, folding kayak.  It features a varnished frame of ash and birch plywood, covered with a skin of polyester fabric coated in black hypalon on the parts that make contact with the water, and black non-reflecting fabric on the deck.  The SB Commando MK VIhas a length of 5.40 metres, a beam of .74 metres and can carry up to 350kg.  The complete basic unit weighs 37 kg.

Now, as nice as this is, I can’t help thinking that maybe BLACK isn’t the best choice of color for littoral operations in desert / arid areas…

For further details go to:  www.nautiraid.com


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