The ninth edition of MiliPol Qatar opened today at the Doha Exhibition Center.  MiliPol Qatar is an internal security industry exhibition focussing on the Middle East region, with participation by 265 companies from 38 countries this year – 11 of these countries are exhibiting for the first time.

With defence spending slowing down or shriking in Europe and North America, the Middle East provides a necessary buffer against hard times for defence companies as countries in the region – particularly the wealthy Gulf States – increase their defence spending to moderise and enhance their military and internal security forces.  Although we’re yet to see the level of focus, comitment and spending on the individual soldiers’ equipment that we see in the West, this trend is emerging and countries in the Middle East are increasingly seeking out the best rather than the cheapest.

But first things first – first the event’s patron the Heir Apparent His Highness Sheik Tammn bin Hamad al Thani and Milipol Qatar Commitee Chairman Brigadier-General Nasser bin Fahad al Thani had to officially open the event for this morning’s invited guests…

The German Ambassador arrives – with no fanfare.

A little while later, the head of the French Gendarmeris arrives – with a fair bit of fanfare…

And then after a further wait, the Sheik and his entourage toured the exhibition hall with the greatest fanfare of all.




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