At Milipol 2013, Meprolight unveiled its new fire-controlled, 10×40 riflescope with laser rangefinder.

MESLAS is an innovative Fire-Control Riflescope 10×40, designed for sniper rifles. The sophisticated, compact, multi-function system incorporates a single-pulse laser rangefinder operating in an eye-safe spectral range (1.54 µm, invisible to night vision devices), a sniper’s telescope, and a fire-control system. When measuring distances, the MESLAS automatically calculates the elevation angle according to the ranged target accurate adjustability.


Fitted with azimuth and elevation adjustment knobs, the optical axes of the telescope can be aligned with the axes of the weapon barrel and compensate for side wind and target travel. Compact fire robust system withstands environmental conditions, as well as shocks and vibrations. Optional features include measurements of temperature, humidity, weapon elevation, and axial angle sensors for ballistic calculations.

The MESLAS can be used from a range of 80 to 2,000 meters and has a total weight of 1.85 kg without the batteries. It has a single-pulse 1.54-micron laser that is invisible to both human sight as well as night vision, so it doesn’t give away the position of the shooter and it has an 8-hour run time on four CR123 batteries.

The MESLAS is also weatherproof and shockproof and can mount to any Picatinny rail.


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