Thanks to the efforts of our friends from the Portuguese Airsoft Community, we can bring you this up-close-and-personal detailed impression of the clothing and gear used by the modern German Army Airborne Soldier – originally published on SPARTAN.AT.

 Special thanks to Wolfmann from Team Task Force 47/11.


Helmet: Ops Core FAST Base Jump Helmet, Element E-Lite (IR)

Hearing Protection: Comtac II Replica

Radio: Kenwood TK3301

Combat Shirt: Vaude/German First Line Combat Shirt heavy

Gloves: Seal Skinz

Combat Pants: Leo Köhler KSK Combat Pants

Boots: Hanwag Tatra Wide, Earth color

Belt: Blackhawk

Dump Pouch: Maxpedition Rolly Poly

Holster: Safariland 6004 Replica

Plate Carrier: Lindnerhof Taktik Plate Carrier, releasable, 5FBFT


  • 2x G36 Triple Panel, MultiCam
  • Element E-Lite (R, G, B)
  • Pistol magazine pouches, 2, 5FBFT

Right Side:

  • 1x IFAK, 5FBFT

Left Side:

  • Multi-purpose pouch, 2, 5FBFT
  • G36 Double panel, 2, 5FBFT


  • Lindnerhof DM25 Pouch, 5FBFT
  • TAS Hydro Carrier, MultiCam
  • G36 Double magazine pouch.

Rifle: Ares G36K

  • Begadi KSK Rail
  • Begadi MP7 Flip Up Sights
  • EoTech 552 Clone
  • M4 Flash-hider
  • Element LLM-01
  • Magpul XTM Rail panels
  • Larue Style Index Clips
  • EB G36K CNC Made RIS Kit
  • Larue Style QD Foregrip

Sling: Magpul MS2