In continuing to give some love to the airsoft community this week, let’s take a look at the latest products coming from CAA’s Airsoft Division.

First up is the announcement this week that the mid-capacity airsoft version of their 30-round STANAG Clear Action Magazine.  Now, some people might care-less about mid-cap magazines for airsoft, but I think they’re the perfect solution for skirmishing.

Also worth taking another look at is their metal-body M4-style AEG.  Now, I know what you’re probably thinking – “Aren’t there enough M4-style AEGs on the market already?”  Fair question, but apparently CAA didn’t think so…  On the other hand, in my opinion, their M4 is really worth taking a closer look at.  Whilst I’ve not had the opportunity to test one myself, so I can’t comment on the quality of the internals, the build quality, style and ergonomics of the externals look superb.  The features of the hand-guard, butt-stock and pistol grip – and the thinking that’s clearly gone into them – are also worthy of a close look and serious consideration as well.

The CAA Airsoft Division M4 AEG is equipped with a 14.5″ or 10.5″ outer barrel, and the light weight nylon fiber M4S1 Picatinny Rail System.  The integrated bolt catch system makes the hop up adjust easily accessible.  The official CAA trademarks and unique serial number were laser engraved on the metal receiver, and the AEG is available in Black or Flat Dark Earth.

The ergonomically designed nylon fiber pistol grip provides great comfort and a better hand-hold than a standard M4 / M16 pistol grip. The nylon fiber collapsible buttstock can be set to 6 different positions. There is a storage compartment in the stock for 4 x CR123 batteries. The rubber non-slip buttpad with tapered angle, allows faster shouldering and increase comfort with body armor. The adjustable cheek-rest installed on the stock’s side rail can be removed to replace with other accessories, such as magazine pouch or shell holder. A QD sling swivel can be attached on 6 different positions on the stock and hand-guard.

CAA Airsoft Division


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