In our mission to bring you the best info about the best stuff used by the best, we’re happy to share good content that we didn’t write ourselves.  The most recent example of which was when Will from got in touch to tell us about the OPFOR Magazine Pouch prototype from Limitless Gear.

According to Will, “the OPFOR is the brain child of three regular guys who have founded a company called  The guys are starting on a shoestring budget and are attempting to raise money to start production using crowd funding.  I was a little skeptical at first until I actually got my hands on two of their prototypes.  I wrote up a quick review and as a current end user myself, I really hope the project materializes.”


The prototypes that BlackSheepWarrior tested were 3D-printed and therefore fragile and rough around the edges compared to what a production version would be like, however; BSW report that they operated perfectly according to the the design concept.  And speaking of the concept, there are 2 things that make it worthy of attention:

  1. the OPFOR provides a quick MOLLE/PALS attach/detach capability (under what Limitless Gear refers to as a “Rapidly Scalable Equipment Ensemble”)
  2. the OPFOR provides lidless positive magazine retention

So, with that intro in place, go ahead and read the rest of the story over on BlackSheepWarrior.


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