PENCARI is a leading defense and security training provider specializing in the delivery of bespoke training. The company’s training cadre consists of former Military and Law Enforcement specialists from a wide variety of fields, with first-hand experience of operating in some of the world’s most demanding and hostile environments.  

“Pencari” means ‘Searcher or Seeker’ in Bahasa Malay, and the company was founded by Major Dean A Williams MBE – a veteran of 26 years in the Royal Marine Commandos who served at every rank from Marine to Major, and also with experience in the commercial training sector.  It was while serving in Brunei, initially as the Training Officer and then the Officer Commanding the UK Military’s Jungle Warfare and Combat Tracking School that Dean recognized the need for an intelligent and focussed training delivery organization that continually ‘seeks’ and strives for the very latest techniques in Awareness, Exploitation and Environmental training design, concept and delivery.

Today, PENCARI has a world-leading team of subject matter experts capable of delivering the very best Awareness, Exploitation and Environmental training – in any environment.


The PENCARI Combat Tracking Information Exploitation and Pursuit (CTIX) Course provides an Attack the Network capability allowing for both Information Gathering and Exploitation (IX)/Pursuit. Combat Tracking through the enhanced ability of the individual to interpret Ground (Sign) and the ‘action indicators’ left by Insurgent/criminal activity, delivers an increased speed of manoeuvre and an improved ability to gather real time ‘immediate use intelligence’ in all environments, both by day and night. Combat Tracking is a crucial low-level ISTAR capability that provides both force protection and offensive capability offering the additional option to pursue the insurgent/criminal and interdict his activities.

The CTIX Course is delivered by Combat Tracking Subject Matter Experts from the PENCARI team of world-renowned Instructors. All Instructors have many years of Combat Tracking experience both in a training role as well as on operations in numerous environments. The PENCARI Combat Tracker trained individual, is capable of identifying Sign and from it make logical assumptions and deductions about the quarry (target), and will be able to utilize advanced offensive tactics techniques and procedures that will deliver a formidable capability for use in all environments.


All CT Courses enable personnel to recognize and identify Sign, including evidence conducive to an area containing an IED.  Individuals will also be capable of identifying firing points and hides.  Importance is placed upon the practical application of observing Sign and the action indicators associated with insurgent activity.  Once the student has mastered the ability to follow Sign, the training advances onto the Information Exploitation and Pursuit phase.  This phase allows the student to understand and practice the tactics, techniques and procedures required of a Combat Tracking Team operating in any hostile environment, either in an Information Gathering role or in an Exploitation/Pursuit role. The concept of incorporating a Military/Police working Dog, Handler or Trainer as part of the Combat Tracker Team can also be explored if required.

A PENCARI-trained Combat Tracker is an invaluable asset both as an Intelligence and Exploitation/Pursuit asset, offering tactical operational and strategic affect across all environments.  The end result is an Operator who is better trained, more finely tuned into the operating environment, more professionally competent and better able to deliver enhanced operational capability.

Combat Tracking IX Class 02-13 Sep 2013, New Mexico – DISCOUNT FOR STRIKE-HOLD READERS!

As a special offer, PENCARI will give a 20% discount off the cost of the course to Strike-Hold! readers. For full course information and costs, send an email to: [email protected]  Enter ‘CTIX NM- Strike-Hold’ in the title bar of your email, and you will be entitled to the 20% discount when you book your place on the New Mexico course.


PENCARI will in Africa next month conductiong C-IED Sign Awareness Training,  and in Nov/Dec will be in Central America delivering Jungle Operations Training.  Visit PENCARI’s website for further information about PENCARI’s full range of services and training courses:


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