The May-June 2009 edition is out now – and its another high-quality, in-depth, up-close, 80-page package of goodness.  Even though the magazine is 95% in German language, the plethora of top-notch photography makes it easy to get the gist of what’s going on, and makes each issue an invaluable reference guide.Highlights from this issue are a feature article about Special Operations Platoon 313 (HALO/HAHO) of the German airborne forces; a blow-by-blow account of Israel’s recent operation in the Gaza Strip; part 2 of an up-close-and-personal look at the snipers’ weapons and equipment of Germany’s KSK; in training and on patrol with the Utah SWAT Joint Special Operations Group; and much  www.k-isom.comcover_klein_k-isom_5_copyright_sj_publications-2

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  1. Michael W. Virga says:

    I enjoy reading your magazine and webpage. It reminds me of my past history and field experience.

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