The most instantly recognizable feature of Hexmag’s magazines is their unique exterior features which provide exceptional grip in any conditions or environment, with or without gloves.  Internally, they come with the firm seating, dual-leg, tilt-proof, multi-color coded HexID magazine followers and latch plate/identifiers.  Wrapping it all together is Hexmag’s exclusive PolyHex2   Advanced Composite construction. Hexmag magazines and accessories are also made in the USA and come with a Lifetime Warranty.  The company has now introduced two new magazine types for both .223 and .308 calibre AR-style rifles.


Unfortunately some folks live in areas where the magazine capacity of semi-auto sporter rifles is restricted.  While other companies have produced magazines sized specifically to these limited capacities, Hexmag took a different approach.  Their magazines limit the number of rounds for reduced capacity state laws to 10- and 15-rounds. However, they come in a FULL SIZE configuration so the user can practice as if it were a 30-round magazine.

Not only can an AR owner in a reduced capacity state or area legally train and practice with a full-sized magazine, keeping the full-sized form factor also means that there’s no need to try and find special-sized or custom-made magazine pouches or rigs.  You could say these are like the light beer of AR mags – tastes great, less filling!

Fitted with reduced-capacity risers and shortened stainless steel feed springs they are limited to 10- or 15-round capacity and will reliably feed .223/5.56 x45, .300 AAC Blackout, .458 SOCOM and .50 Beowulf rounds.  These reduced capacity magazines are a patented design made for easy tool free baseplate removal for cleaning like the standard 30-round magazine.

Made from PolyHex2, a proprietary fiber-reinforced polymer and are available in four colors: Black, olive drab, grey and flat dark earth (FDE). They feature Hexmag’s Anti-Tilt colored follower and optional multi-colored HexID followers and latch plate. The colored magazine latch plate identifiers make it easy for a gun owner to quickly identify 10-, 15- and 30-round magazines and/or the ammunition contained.

Further info can be found here.

MSRP: $14.99

.308 AR-10/SR-25 Magazine

Hexmag’s new 20-round .308 caliber AR-10 magazine is due to hit the market in early January 2017.

“This new AR-10 magazine fills a neglected market space,” says Hexmag marketing director Dave Smith. “We did a lot of development and engineering to make a lightweight magazine with superior strength and functionality that is affordable.”

Features include:
  • Firm seating with a self-lubricating anti-tilt follower
  • Patented HexID Color Identification System
  • Exclusive, robust PolyHex2  Advanced Composite Construction
Whether it’s a feathery 110-grain or a heavy 220-grain match bullet, military ball, soft-point, hollow-point, AP, API, incendiary, or tracer, Hexmag’s patented HexID Color Identification System can help shooters quickly identify what is in the magazine.  To keep things clean, Hexmag’s tool-less floorplate makes it possible to disassemble the magazine in a couple of seconds.
Note: These magazines will not be shipped to states having 20-round (or less) capacity limitations.
MSRP: $18.99