Known colloquially as “The Bugle” by the troops, it seems that the French military is on the warpath to replace its distinctive FAMAS rifle – which has been around since 1971 – with something newer, and perhaps more standardized with the rest of NATO.

It appears that the FN SCAR-L, the HK 416, the HK G36 and the Beretta ARX160 are all in the running to be the new small arm of choice.  The final winner doesn’t appear to have been determined yet, and in the meantime there also appears to be some renewed debate as well about the 5.56mm vs. 7.6mm NATO round.  So its no surprise that the HK 417 is also getting some interest.

A few weeks back we published a photo of French Air Force Commandos parading with HK 416s, now we’ve also discovered a photo of paratroops from the 11th Parachute Brigade parading with the SCAR-L.  However, we don’t know at this point if these two units have officially adopted these new rifles or are just trialling them.

hat tip to The Firearms Blog.


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2 Responses to France replacing the famous FAMAS

  1. Atto says:

    It’s à picture of a member of french spécial forces (COS) during the 14 july military parade.
    They are acess of many kind of weapons like SCAR or Dillon aéro.

  2. Thor says:

    And Call of Duty games were changed forever….