The CLAW Gear range is a newcomer on the tactical market, produced by NWM Technologies based in Hamburg, Germany.  NWM Technologies describe themselves as offering highest quality products at economical prices combined with continuous product development to service the global market. The focus of the CLAW Gear range is on equipment and clothing for military, police and officials for public safety and security – NWM also offer the CLAW Outdoor, NWM-RESCUE and Habicht-Design ranges for other end-user applications.

One of the things that sets NWM Technologies / CLAW Gear apart from some other companies in the “economical prices” category is that they do not have their goods manufactured in South-East Asian sweat-shops.  According to NWM, they take their social responsibility seriously and use their own modern factories where they provide their workers with decent wages and benefits.

Another thing that sets NWM apart is the fact that they advertise that their CLAW Gear clothing range is available in a choice of Nomex, Poly-Cotton or Ny-Co, and more than 50 (!) colours and camo patterns. 


One of the first products released in the CLAW range is the STALKER Tactical Duty Uniform (TDU).  Described as being a multi-functional suit designed to meet the needs of modern, global reaction forces. The TDU features a sophisticated and comprehensive set of pockets, built-in elbow and knee protection and gaitors to protect against grit, debris and bugs (TDU can also be ordered without the external joint protectors).  Standard fabric is 2,300g, ripstop, 35/65 Poly-Cotton. 

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price is €139.00 


 stalker2 Full product specifications can be found here, STALKER TDU.



The other product that’s been released so far is the RAIDER Duty Service Uniform (DSU).  Described as a further development of the US Army ACU, the DSU is intended as an everyday, all-round uniform for military and police work – providing lightweight, durable quality at an economical price.  Standard fabric is 1,200g, ripstop, 35/65 Poly-Cotton. 

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price is €74.00

DSU Full product specifications can be found here, RAIDER DSU.


Both the STALKER TDU and RAIDER DSU are available in a wide range of colours and camo patterns, as shown below.


 Some of their camo patterns look pretty interesting too – such as the “Vegetato-MultiCam” variant, Airforce version of AOR-1, Digital Auscam, etc.

For full details, and availability, visit their website at

All photos and graphics used with permission of NWM Technologies.