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Scottsdale, AZ – US PALM, the industry leader in AK47 accessories and soft armor solutions, is pleased to announce that founder Robert Anderson has purchased US PALM [US Primary Armament Logistical Manufacturing] from its holding company SGC Global Industries. Anderson founded US PALM in the spring of 2009 and has seen  successful growth each year since its creation. With flagship products such as the AK30 magazine and the Defender soft armor solutions, US PA…LM looks forward to long term continued growth under Anderson’s direction as President of US PALM, LLC.

With US PALM entering its 5th year of business, the transition away from SGC Global Industries comes during a growth cycle for each company. “The timing was right on both sides to execute the breakaway,” Anderson stated, “PALM will benefit from more individualized attention and a more focused organizational structure. My goal with PALM has always been to fill the gaps that exist in the industry with quality gear and I look forward to returning to US  PALM’s roots”

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Anderson will apply a renewed focus and energy to US PALM by realigning with the original goals of the company: to create gear for the modern warfighter and innovative solutions with real world purpose.

US PALM will be releasing information on new product launches and partnerships in Q2 of 2014 and looks forward to capitalizing on new and existing opportunities under Anderson’s ownership.

During the transition period, US PALM will continue normal operations from their current Scottsdale facility. In late Q2 2014 US PALM will relocate to a new larger facility in North Phoenix, currently under construction, to meet expanded production needs.

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US PALM [US Primary Armament Logistical Manufacturing], the industry leader in soft armor solutions and AK47 accessories, is dedicated to developing and producing the world’s finest firearms enhancements and accessories.

While many of US PALM’s designs are revolutionary, we believe in maintaining an evolutionary product design mindset. By staying informed through our cadre of industry professionals –including military and police active duty personnel, firearms instructors, manufacturing experts, and technical advisors– we amass the collective wisdom of  many to bring new products, or product refinements, that answer the questions and needs of front line war-fighters.

Further information regarding US PALM, and their products, can be found online at For business or new dealer inquires please send requests to [email protected]


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