We’ve seen other takes on this type of idea before, and even one or two others that attach at the rear-sight mount and/or replace the standard receiver cover.  But this one from Parabellum Armament, and now being sold by the AK-experts at Black Heart International, looks like the most thorough approach to the challenge yet.

With the increasing popularity of the AK platform among shooters there has also been an increasing range of AK accessories.  But one of the inherent weaknesses of the AK as a shooter’s platform has always been its short sight radius, compounded by the fact that the rear sight is set far forward and the loose-fitting rear receiver cover is pretty much useless as a sight base.  On the other hand, the ease with which the rear receiver cover can be quickly removed in order to field strip and clean the rifle is a significant strength of the AK.

The AKARS from Parabellum Armament has been getting a lot of attention recently, as it promises to totally address the short-comings of the AK’s standard iron sight set-up, whilst also providing a Picatinny rail with ample mounting space for modern optics.  It also includes a back-up rear sight.

The AKARS also aims to preserve the ease with which the rear receiver cover can be removed in order to field strip and / or clean the rifle.  At the same time though it also promises to provide a good solid sight base that won’t lose zero by utilizing four locking mounts:

  • the first is the hinged attachment to the AK’s standard rear-sight mount
  • the second is via the slotted pins that affix the rail to the receiver cover
  • the third is the rail and receiver cover slot into the base of the rear sight block
  • the fourth is the tab on the driving spring guide rod that hooks into the rear of the receiver cover

As we said at the beginning of this piece, there are one or two other systems on the market that also attach to the rear-sight mounting point, but the AKARS has taken things to a whole new level of attention to detail and solidity.  Besides that, the guys at BHI think highly enough of it to provide it to their customers – and that tells you something in itself.

The AKARS is available from Parabellum Armament and Black Heart International.


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