The real-steel SL9SD was a .300 Whisper (7.62 x 37mm) variant of the semi-automatic SL8 rifle developed by Heckler & Koch GmbH from the outset as a suppressed marksman rifle.



SL9SD technical details:

Overall length:  1150 mm/45.28 in.
Overall height with scope:  270mm/10.63 in.
Total width:  58mm/2.29 in.
Weight with suppressor:  4.60 kg./10.14 lb.

Although the SL9SD doesn’t appear to have ever progressed beyond the building of a few prototypes, the SL9SD certainly captured the imagination of firearms enthusiasts around the globe – and was also featured as a weapon of choice in several video games.

Besides video games, the SL9 / SL9SD also picked up loyal fans in the airsoft community.  So it wasn’t too long until an airsoft replica of the SL9 / SL9SD hit the market – albeit only as an after-market body kit, made by STAR Airsoft (see below).

And that was basically the only option there was – although when STAR became ARES they did release their SL9 as a fully functioning AEG as well.  Allong the way, Classic Army brought out a replica that they called an SL8, but it was actually a more of a cross between an SL8, a G36 and an SL9 (see below).

But now at last there is a proper, accurate, fully-trademarked airsoft replica of the SL9SD on the market – thanks to Umarex.  Incidentally, although Umarex are the actual license holder for the design and trademarks, the actual manufacturing appears to have been outsourced to ARES (based no doubt on their previous experience with the type), and is also being marketed in the US / North America under the “Elite Force” brand name as well.

For an overall introduction to the features and highlights of this AEG, check out this video from Evike TV.

The Umarex / ARES / Elite Force SL9 AEG is now being stocked by online and bricks-and-mortor airsoft retailers around the world – so you should be able to get to grips with one fairly easily.


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