Agilite has just announced the debut of its new custom design capabilities for military, law enforcement, rescue and firefighting organizations and individuals worldwide.

The firm, which began on the foundation of designing and manufacturing tactical gear for Israeli Special Operations units with its Rapid Design, Fielding and Deployment (RDFD) technique is now offering prototyping, custom design projects and consultation for tactical, duty, rescue and firefighting gear.

“There’s just no comparison between off-the-shelf gear and being able to have gear customized for you and your unit’s exact needs. The secret to the high level of gear in the Israeli military has always been the presence of tactical design studios within all of its elite units that custom design on a daily basis for their operators. We’re taking that capability, expanding it and offering it to non-Israeli clients as well. “ says Eli Freedman, Head of Design for Agilite who, like Agilite’s other designers, spent years designing gear within the IDF after having served as a Paratrooper.

Since Agilite’s expansion into the international marketplace in 2010, requests for new and different types of gear that works with different equipment and terrain have skyrocketed. Agilite now supplies it’s innovative gear across the globe and has a client list that includes the US Army, US Marine Corps, US Border Patrol, UK and other international Special Forces, Law enforcement, Search and Rescue and Firefighting organizations worldwide.

“In a changing climate, we see a need for less quantity and more quality gear. It doesn’t get better than being able to have your unit’s gear tailored  with the help of professionals who’ve designed for some of the world’s best for years.” Said Elie Isaacson, Agilite’s Director of Strategic Development. “There are a lot of units and operators out there who have always had ideas about how to improve their gear but haven’t had a way to put them into action-we plan to fill that gap.”

For more information on Agilite custom design, or to arrange a meeting with Agilite at SHOT show 2013, email them at [email protected] or call 703-659-0572.


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  1. jodi randle says:

    Wow! This is a big leap for Agilite! Your efforts of putting your ideas into actions is something you should be proud of! Thanks for sharing this information.