Earlier today, our friends at Predator Intel posted an old promo film from the ’60′s for the ArmaLite AR-10.

If you can see past the way the narration makes this rifle sound like some kind of Wunderwaffe, and if you can get over the fact that the audio track isn’t synced to well with the video track, its a very interesting watch.

AR-10 vidclick on the image above to jump to the video

It gets especially interesting around the 12:45 mark where we see a belt-fed version of the AR-10 being used with a back-pack ammo-feeding system!  As it turned out, none of the belt-fed variants ever got past prototype stage because they could never get the kinks worked out to make the LMG version a reliable enough weapon.

On a final note, my father-in-law saw some of these in service with the Portuguese Army during his time in Angola from ’67-’69.

photos from Wikipedia


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