Pathfinder Group Military Simulations are holding this event at Sopley Camp, which is an old RAF Base near Bournemouth, Hampshire. The Event is co-sponsored by CQB Target Systems Ltd, Professional Target Solutions.

The event is based on Airsoft Military Simulation over 2 days, and is organized and run by Experienced Ex-Parachute Regiment Weapons and Tactics instructors.  We also have a Special VIP SAS Author who is attending the event over the 2 days.

This is not to be confused with an airsoft skirmish event, as this is a serious Military Airsoft Simulation Exercise based on real Military tactics by the professionals, who have served in numerous conflicts throughout the world, so this really is an opportunity for Airsoft Teams to seriously compete at the highest level during the competition.

There are specific Blacked Out Kill House environments for the 5 Man Assault Teams, and each team should consist of 4 key Assault Personnel and 1 Designated Marksman, also included in the price is Accommodation on site at the base.

Teams applying to take part should have their own Airsoft Rifles, Handguns and ammunition for the event, and any associated Pyrotechnics they wish to use during the assault phases of the competition. Points will also be awarded for presentation etc.  There are Prizes for the Winning Teams which will be awarded on the Sunday by our VIP/Organizers.

Teams should apply to Pathfinder Group Military Simulations as soon as possible by contacting Roy at: [email protected]

Pathfinder Group Airsoft MilSim

CQB Target Systems Ltd

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