Remember that Cold War thriller written by Alastair Maclean and turned in to a movie starring Rock Hudson and Patrick McGoohan?  Remember the great sequence of the Russian paratroopers jumping on to the ice? It seems that the Russians are planning to re-enact that scene from the movie this summer.  Well, no not really.  They are planning to drop some paratroops at the North Pole this summer – but its allegedly in honour of a peaceful scientific anniversary, not a re-enactment of a Hollywood film.Now, you’re probably not the only one wondering how dropping a bunch of bad-ass paratroops on the North Pole has anything to do with honouring a scientific expedition.  Did the scientists drop in by parachute?  Were the scientists actually Russian paras on holiday?  Were they in fact a secret Spetsnaz recon party?  So, what’s with the para drop?Well, this plan seems to have rattled a few cages in Canada (hang on a minute, who appoints a Foreign Affairs Minister named “Cannon”?  Talk about gunboat-diplomacy!).  Maybe the good folks in the Great White North are having nightmare flashbacks of the film “Red Dawn” and scenes like these:  

Well, okay – take McDonalds. Just leave us Tim Horton's.

By the way, you do know they’re releasing a remake of “Red Dawn” this year right?  Only this time its the Chinese who invade!