Prometheus Design Werx has released their newest iteration of the Invictus folding knife design featuring a unique handle machined from a solid block of titanium billet.

Other high-level details include a Böhler M390 alloy blade, ceramic pivot bearings, signature 5 fullers, lock-bar limiter insert, dive watch grade luminous inlays in the dual thumb-studs, and precision machined, fine details throughout this knife. The Invictus-IL is a purpose driven edged tool painstakingly made with state-of-the-art multi-axis CNC machines and the highest level of precision refinements found only in the best production tools.

The Design and R&D Team at PDW provided further explanation about the background of this particular product:

“This version of the Invictus design is the original concept we started on 7 years ago. It literally took over 6 years and as many technical manufacturing centers to get our Invictus-IL to place where it was a replicable and producible reality. Ultimately it was a labor of love and really almost an obsession to get to the finish line and bring them to market. The Invictus-IL isn’t for everyone – it is for those who have the highest regard and appreciation for expertly made, detail oriented, functional metal objects and tools.”

The SPD Edition of the Invictus-IL by Prometheus Design Werx features the Kraken Trident mark representing their Special Projects Division, and is available now through the PDW website: