In a world full of M4 and AK clones, stand out with an HK. And one of the absolutely best HK replicas available now is the stunning LK-33 series from LCTairsoft (HK-33 family).

One of the things that’s great about the LK-33 series is that LCT is offering a host of modular accessories and options straight out of the gate – so you can customize your AEG to the exact set-up you want, or swap and forth between different set-ups depending on your needs. The video below gives a good overview of what’s available now.

It’s not just the externals that can be set up in different configurations though. Internally, you can switch between EBB and non-EBB, and different powered springs can also be easily swapped out to – so that you can quickly adapt to different local regulations.

On the other hand, if you just want to grab it out of the box and start shooting, the video below shows you everything you need to know in terms of basic operation.