Terrain 365™ has launched their STS-AT framelock folder. A modern, technical, framelock folder featuring a distinct clip point blade inspired by the classic Loveless chute knife.

Featuring their rustproof and edge-holding Terravantium™ blade, this folder is a cutting tool capable from sea-to-summit and anything in between. The “AT” designation for Terrain 365’s folders indicates a build that uses 100% non-ferrous alloys, are non-magnetic and rustproof.

Like the core philosophy behind the classic chute knife, the STS-AT is designed to be a highly capable and versatile folder for use in the
wilderness, and for EDC. Harry Archer, a legendary figure and the man who initially commissioned the chute knife from Loveless, required a knife that could be used for cutting parachute lines, wilderness survival, personal safety, and more – and to do so in the most demanding and rough environments.

With its rustproof Terravantium™ blade, all non-ferrous and non-magnetic components down to the custom turned titanium machined screws and ceramic bearings, the STS-AT is a folding knife that will impervious to rust in any conditions on land or in water and will prove a highly reliable and capable tool for your next wilderness adventure.

The Terrain 365™ STS-AT retails at $395.00 for the all titanium handle, $379.00 for the Black G10, and for the OD Green G10 variant (which is an exclusive edition for Prometheus Design Werx).

For further information, visit terrain365.com