In the airsoft world, the HK33 assault rifle series has been rather neglected. Classic Army is the only mainstream manufacturer who produced AEG models of the HK33 and HK53 series but quality and distribution has not always been as consistent as one would like. KSC did a couple of HK33 models years ago that were well made and nicely finished, but they used a unique and proprietary gear-box that couldn’t be upgraded or modified. And so we’ve waited…

Well now at last along comes LCT Airsoft out of Taiwan with their HK33 follow-up to their renowned series of G3 replicas. LCT is well-known for their high quality construction and finish, and for creating a wide range of options and accessories with each model – which allows the user to personalize the AEG to their individual preferences. LCT has been teasing out photos and videos on their Facebook page about the upcoming LK33 series, and now they have officially announced that it will be released later this month!

From what we’ve seen so far, it looks like the LK33 series will be built to the same high standards as all of LCT’s other airsoft replicas, and that it will be available in both AEG and EBB configurations. In addition, the LK33 will be available in fixed stock and retractable stock versions, and will also provide the options of slimline and full-size handguards, as well as 25-round and 40-round magazines.

We look forward to seeing more, and to getting our hands on one. And remember- in a world of AKs and ARs, choose HK!

LCT Airsoft