CONCAMO™ (“confusion camo”)  is a mil-grade, commercially-available camouflage pattern created in Germany, and launched onto the market at IWA last year. UF PRO’s STRIKER BDU range is renowned for extreme durability, superior comfort, and extraordinary utility – and is very popular with European military and law enforcement special units.

The CONCAMO™  line-up will include:
• STRIKER HT Combat Pants
• STRIKER XT Combat Shirt
• STRIKER XT Combat Jacket
• STRIKER Gen.2 Boonie Hat

UF PRO is also known for being a leader in the use of new, advanced camouflage patterns – being one of the first major users of the PenCott®  pattern families, and also one of the first European companies to make extensive use of MultiCam®.

According to Armin Wagner, head of product development for UF PRO, “CONCAMO does a remarkable job of keeping wearers hidden, even when they are literally just meters away from the observer. CONCAMO’s patented special pattern arrangement features 8 colours blended through various elements and shadings to produce multiple layers of perceivable depth,” he continued. “It’s a concealment system that works in a spectrum of environments—forests, grasslands, deserts, mountainous snow country, even urban areas”, he finished.

Find out more about UF PRO Tactical Gear in CONCAMO here.