You may remember from my original review of the airsoft replica Galil SAR from TSI Armories that they cancelled their plans to produce replicas of the synthetic material 35-round style Galil magazines.  Instead, they plowed their investment capital into their upcoming Tavor TAR-21 project (more about that later).

So, what to do about mags for the Galils?  Well, there are basically 4 options:

  1. Use AK47 magazines from any of the major airsoft manufacturers – that’s not a wierd as it might sound, becuase a 7.62mm x 39mm version of the Galil was produced by the Israelis (and you can even buy a semi-auto civilian version of it in the U.S.)
  2. Use AK74 magazines from any of the major airsoft manufacturers – especially as the slighter curve of the ’74 magazine more closely replicates the length and shape of the real-deal synthetic Galil mags
  3. Equip your Galil with the STANAG-M4 magazine adapter from TSI Armories and use M4 magazines.  “Huh?”, you ask?  Well, as M4 mags are probably the most readily available and low-cost airsoft magazines around – and available in a variety of styles and colours (did I just write that? – I sound like a fashion commentator) – and, as most tactical gear pouches are designed for M4 type mags, this might make a lot of sense.  Besides, there is also a real-steel equivalent – so no one can accuse you of not being authentic.  ;-)
  4. Finally, and if you want to be a real stickler for authenticity, then the best option is the Galil magazines from King Arms, that match their line of Galil replicas as well.

We’re now going to look at options 3 and 4 in a bit more detail.

TSI Armories M4-mag Adapter

You may have seen other airsoft magwell adapters before – like the plastic G36 magwell adapters which are rather popular – well, this baby blows them all away.  In a nutshell, it is machined from solid chunks of aircraft-grade aluminium and steel, and then polished and finished to an almost glass-like surface, and the two halves are held together with solid haxagonal-headed bolts.  It slots easily and solidly into the Galil magwell and fits nice and snugly as well – so it doesn’t rattle around once its in place.


Once its in, you simply push a STANAG mag into as you would with any M4 or M16 type weapon and commence shooting.  I’ve run several full mags through using the adapter and haven’t experienced any feeding problems at all either – testament to the quality of workmanship that’s gone into this simple device.  The only slight downside to it is that you will lose about 3 or 4 BBs from each mag when you change mags, becuase of the slightly longer length of the feeding channel/tube.  The other thing to remember is to use the side-mounted mag release button on the adapter – not the usual Galil mag release mounted in front of the trigger guard, as that will release the magwell adapter as well as your magazine!

King Arms replica metal Galil magazines

As soon as the King Arms Galil SAR was released, the big question on my mind – and also everyone else’s who owns a TSI Galil – was whether the magazines would fit the TSI models.  Early speculation was that they wouldn’t, as the King Arms Galils reportedly wouldn’t take AK magazines.  But not content to rely on rumour or speculation, I went out and purchased a King Arms Galil magazine.  Now, a couple of points to bear in mind before going further:  first, King Arms is known for making high-quality parts, accessories and replica guns; second, their Galil magazines hold 130 BBs (aka, mid-capacity mags) which makes them ideal for skirmishing – in my opinion anyways.  So this is why I personally was very interested in putting them to the test.

As you might expect then, I was very happy when I discovered that the King Arms magazines do fit the TSI Armories Galil.  Its a snug fit to be sure, but having tested it fairly well over the course of a day’s skirmishing, there aren’t any problems with feeding at all.

The snug fit of the magazines isn’t really an issue.  Although, to give the magazine a little bit of “wiggle room” so it will pop in and out easier, you want to lightly file away at the areas on the magazine shoulder (see photos below for clarity).

King Arms airsoft replicas and accessories are very widely available, so you should be able to find these magazines at your favourite airsoft retailer.

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7 Responses to TSI Armories Galil, part 2: magazines…

  1. Blobface says:

    I recent’y came across the TSI galil by looking into airsoft galils, this is shortly after I bought my Avalon galil, while it seems like the TSI has the (only) downside of not having a steel receiver, everything else seem to be more impressive than others, ie real steel part compability (hello…!)… how active is TSI currently at 2012? Are they still in business or have they moved onto producing their long discussed Tavor? The TSI galil is almost unheard of for me up until this point, and it seems so rare that I have never seen it in any shops! Thanks!

  2. huron says:

    will work for the softair licensed (cyma) galil?

  3. Jonathan says:

    cool thanks Sir, I have the King Arms one and I like it a lot. Thanks for the review on the Tsi model = )

  4. Jonathan says:

    I was wondering the TSI mag well adaptor will work for the King Armgs galil?

    • strikehold says:

      Good question – I’ll try to find someone with a KA Galil and try it out.

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