We’re launching a new section here at Strike-Hold! that we’re calling “This is my rifle”.  The name is taken from the first line of The Rifleman’s Creed that we posted yesterday and the purpose of it is to showcase specially tailored, modified, or customized airsoft and/or real-steel firearms.

To kick things off, we’re going to look at a special urban / CQB tailored version of a Classic Army CA53A1 built by our founder, Lawrence “Maple-Leaf” Holsworth, a few years ago in the UK.

It was a pretty quick and straight-forward build, but the end result was a practical, nice handling and easy-shooting weapon optimized for indoor / urbanized CQB skirmishing.  It was also a unique-looking piece too.

The build consisted of 2 phases; an internal upgrade and an external parts package.

The internal upgrade was a simple spring swap to boost the velocity to 328 feet-per-second from the standard 280 FPS.  The additional velocity kept the power within UK site limits, but gave enough extra speed-to-target to gain a bit of a tactical advantage.

The external parts package included an MP5-style tac-light handguard, low-profile rail, electronic red dot / green dot sight with a QD mount, and a UMP-style folding synthetic stock for a G3 – cut to fit the receiver end of the CA53.  The stock was a great improvement over the standard CA53 slider stock, by offering a more robust, stable and practical shooting platform with a better cheek-weld and shoulder-fit.

So, that’s the first of our’s – let’s see what you’ve got!  Send us an email outlining your project along with some good quality photos to: CONTACT-“dot”-STRIKEHOLD-“at”GMAIL-“dot”-COM.

The fine print:

Submissions must be your own work, or work done on your behalf, and you must hold the copyright on any submitted photos (or have the permission of the photographer).  To be suitable for inclusion, the project needs to be special in some way that makes it unique and newsworthy.  In other words, simple sticking a red dot sight and a vertical foregrip on a standard M4 isn’t going to pass muster.  ;-)