This week’s Olympic security training exercise on the River Thames in London, which involved nearly 100 Royal Marines joining up with police, was designed to mitigate against potential threats during the summer of 2012.

Royal Marines from 539 Assault Squadron (539 ASRM) have been exercising with the Metropolitan Police’s Marine Policing Unit (MPU) on the River Thames near Woolwich Arsenal Pier as part of safety and security planning for the London Olympics.

Almost one hundred Royal Marines have been honing their skills on boat assets such as offshore raiding craft and Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel, supported by a Royal Navy Lynx helicopter and the patrol boat HMS Blazer.

The series of familiarisation exercises are helping to develop the safety and security operation for the River Thames. They have been designed to make sure that everyone has the same level of knowledge and that the military and MPU tactics work together.

Taking part in this week’s exercise are up to 44 officers from the Metropolitan Police, a Force Firearms Unit and Air Support Unit, and, from the Marine Policing Unit:

  • 4 x rigid inflatable boats
  • 1 x command and control launch
  • 1 x Targa patrol craft

Also taking part are up to 94 Royal Marines personnel (including support personnel) and various military marine craft, including:

  • 4 x offshore raiding craft
  • 2 x Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel
  • 2 x rigid inflatable boats
  • 1 x patrol boat
  • 1 x Navy Lynx helicopter
UK Defence News

Pictures: PO(Phot) Terry Seward, Crown Copyright/MOD 2012

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