This July, the European Paratroopers Association’s Combat Training Center Mobile Training Team (CTCMTT) will be conducting their first ever Mountain Patrol Course in the Apennine Mountains of Italy. This chance to live and train in the mountains with Professional Operators (both Military and Law Enforcement) from around Europe is a rare and exciting opportunity – and you will be living and training in the mountains at altitude the entire time.  Wind, rain, storms and any other weather condition that come along will just be an added bonus.This will be a full immersion training course over 4 days and 3 nights, and is designed to teach you the skills needed to plan, move and conduct military operations in mountain environments.  Conducting tactical movements through the mountainous terrain using a map and compass will be an integral part of the course – as will the planning and executing of ambushes in the high terrain on a daily, and nightly, basis.You will also receive training on the technical aspects of Mountain Warfare; including the use of ropes for climbing, rappelling and rescue of your fellow team members. Making your own rappel seat from a single piece of rope, anchoring your ropes and gear and proper use of karabiners, descender devices and belaying equipment will also be second nature to you by the end of course.Now, you may be asking yourself when – if ever – you would use these skills. Well, you don’t have to be deployed to the Tora Bora range in Afghanistan, although you most certainly would be better prepared if you were! In fact, if you spend any amount of time hiking, skiing, climbing or doing search-and-rescue ops in mountainous and hilly terrain then the skills and confidence you will gain from this course will prove invaluable.  It should also prove to be a great adventure!So, if any of this rings your bell then please contact [email protected] for further details.The European Paratroopers Association runs a variety of parachuting and combat skills courses every year.  For full information, and/or details about membership, visit their website:

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