I’ve been a fan of Tac-Up Gear for quite a few years now, and its great to see that they’re still out there innovating and creating great tactical gear – in a part of the world that most people probably don’t look to as a source for such things.  So, now you know…

Tac-Up Gear’s original OPPO Glove was created with the Swedish Hemvärnet (Homeguard), Police and Law enforcement personnel in mind who need a glove for MOUT / Tactical or just normal duty use – with a reasonable price tag!  The “A1” model is an enhanced version of the original.


The leather fabric of the glove is very smooth and comfortable yet sturdy, with reinforced palm and fingertip areas that do not feel too “thick”.  The combination of of NOMEX® and Neoprene also creates a glove that’s easy to put on and take off – there’s also no Velcro to attract dirt and moisture or to snag on your kit.


The glove is also designed to offer remarkable finger dexterity for handling small objects that could be critical in a tactical situation. To achieve this, Tac-Up Gear discarded the idea of having an extra layer of cut-resistant fabric, but kept a padded area on the palm to offer a good grip on most surfaces. To enhance breathability and comfort, there are air vents on the fingers.


The gloves also fold easily to carry in your pocket and take up very little space when folded. There are also loops for easily fastening the gloves to a battle vest or rucksack, or for hanging up to dry if they get wet.

Available in Black and Swedish Army Green.

Tac-Up Gear