Hot on the heels of their very successful and much-talked-about 1st Annual “Shoot Heard ‘Round The World”, Snake Hound Machine have revamped their website and added some cool new stuff as well…

SHM Standard Glock Package

It may be a “standard package” for SHM from a production perspective, but this make-over will turn your Glock into something much more special than a standard out-of-the box model.

SHM hand fits and polishes selected components from multiple manufacturers including a preset Zev Fulcrum full Stainless Steel trigger and resurfaced striker sear engagement to create a 3.5lb pull with minimal pretravel and overtravel and a short tangible reset. The sights are upgraded with a steel mounted green fiber optic front sight, and the I.C.E Claw EMS rear sight.

Parts included are:

  • HiVis .080 Diameter Overmolded Green LitePipe Front Sight
  • I.C.E. Claw EMS Rear Sight
  • 3.5lb Connector Bar
  • Zev Fulcrum SS Trigger and Trigger Bar
  • Lone Wolf Extended Magazine Release

Options include:

  • Inforce APL Pistol Light
  • Off The Grid Concepts Kydex holster

SHM Standard Glock Package


Castor and Pollux Shotgun Twins

Named after the legendary Spartan warrior twins, SHM’s Castor and Pollux are twinned Remington 870s that have been retooled and remade by hand.  The end result is akin to the transformation of Steve Rogers into Captain America.

The builds include the following features:

  • Breaching Choke
  • Laser Engraving
  • Harris Tactical full length rail
  • Aluminum Railed Pump
  • XTM Hand stop / Ladder Rail Covers
  • Mesa high tube adapter
  • Samson Fixed Sights
  • Triple QD end plate
  • M4 Buffer Tube
  • B5 Enhanced SOPMOD Stock
  • UCWRG Grip
  • Ares QD Hand stop
  • Nordic Aluminum 2rd extension
  • Magpul Dynamic Shotgun DVD


SHM Castor and Pollux



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