SEALS Action Gear is pleased to announce that they are now stocking the full range of UF PRO® Tactical apparel.  This European made, high quality clothing is second-to-none in construction, functionality and striking design; and includes the following key products:

Striker XT Combat Pants

The flagship of the range – the XT pants are setting new industry standards for operational uniforms.

Giving specialists a significant increase in usefulness and efficiency was the highest priority during the development of the Striker XT Combat Pants.

The stretch areas have been expanded and new and ergonomically perfected knee protection has been introduced. This is made using an intelligent combination of technologies that enable highly efficient protection of the knee and tibia areas without fitting the protection system with a Velcro strap.

The width-adjustable lower leg area enables the effective fixing of objects in the lower leg pocket, including during rapid movement.

The large side pocket with inner compartments can be accessed in two ways.

The stretch areas in the hip/buttocks area and above and below the knee protection are made of an extremely resilient Schoeller®-dynamic stretch material.

Striker XT Combat Shirt

Based on the previous Striker Combat Shirt, some important components have been changed in the new XT model that considerably improves the wearing comfort and functionality.

In the torso area, the mix of polyester and merino wool offers extraordinary durability, wearing comfort and odor-inhibition.  The cut of the sleeve and the slide-in pockets have been ergonomically improved so that you will always land on the inserted elbow pads. Furthermore, this optimized cut allows users to pull up their sleeves comfortably for medical access.

An additional elastic ribbon in the underarm pocket offers better fixing for inserted equipment.

Delta Ace Jacket  

This is THE jacket for extreme physical activities at very cold and windy climatic conditions.

For the worst possible outdoor conditions, the Delta AcE Plus jacket provides excellent comfort properties, maximum wind protection and water repellent thermal insulation.  Protection against cold wind is provided with a two layer nylon ripstop-PU membrane laminate lined with the 37.5™ micro fleece.

A significantly increased wear comfort is achieved by air/pac® inserts in the shoulder and upper back areas.

Silent Warrior Sniper Smock and Trousers

The Silent Warrior Sniper Jacket is part of a multi-layer garment system which has been designed to fulfill the high demands of professional marksmen and snipers.

As the outer layer it has to provide total functionality, protecting against insects and supporting additional camouflage elements in the best possible way.  The jacket is tailored slightly wider than usual for ease of movement, but can be easily adjusted to fit the individual user perfectly.

For a reliable protection against insects, the jacket has an integrated mosquito net in the hood and an insect barrier at the sleeve’s hem. Ventilation openings, which are also mesh lined, provide air circulation but also prevent insects from entering your clothing system.

The jacket can be upgraded with Flex- Pads in the elbow area for additional cushioning and impact protection. For durability and abrasion resistance, the elbow area of the jacket is reinforced with CORDURA® fabric.

The jacket also features easy-to-reach slanted cargo pockets on the rear for stowing individual equipment or sustainment items that might need to be accessed whilst prone.

The Silent Warrior Sniper Pants feature long two-way side zips make them easy to put on and can be also used for additional air ventilation.

For better overall movement, Schoeller®-dynamic stretch material has been integrated into the upper rear section of the pants.

The pants also feature a built-in insect barrier in the lower trouser leg and can be connected to the Silent Warrior Sniper Jacket with an inner zip. You can also easily connect the pants to your boots with a specially designed loop to keep out debris. For easy gear access whilst lying prone there are two pockets on the rear of the pants.

The knee area is reinforced with CORDURA® fabric for extreme durability and abrasion resistance.

Additional vegetation can be fixed to special fabric loops on the jacket and trousers.


UF PRO® tactical clothing is available in a variety of colors and camouflage colors and can be viewed and purchased through SEALS Action Gear’s totally new website (note – all prices in CANADIAN dollars).