I had the distinct pleasure of getting to hang out with Griff from Combat Flip Flops (CFF) for a while down at SOFIC in Tampa earlier this week.  CFF does indeed make some awesome products, they are truly on a noble mission, and yet they are also some of the coolest, most laid-back guys you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting.  Why?  Cuz they’re the real deal and they’ve been there and back again.

And yet when you read some of the comments that get posted whenever something gets published about CFF, some people apparently don’t have a sense of humor (or a sense of honor, duty, and integrity)…


Well, I for one wholeheartedly appreciate and agree with what these guys are doing – and since I also happen to be sandal-less as summer approaches, I fully intend to buy myself a pair of their AK47s as a Father’s Day present for myself.


Anyways, check out RECOIL’s take on them….

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