Our friends over at PredatorBDU recently got their hands on some prototype ACUs and boonie hats in PenCott Badlands and Sandstorm patterns.  So, what better way to show them off than a photo shoot out in the Sonoran desert in Arizona?  The story and photos below are all courtesy of  their Predator Intelligence Blog.

We got our hands on some prototype ACU cut uniforms and Boonie Hats featuring the PenCott Camouflage Badlands and Sandstorm Patterns from Hyde Definition. The pants and shirt are still under consideration for final design elements before any commercial production, so we will not go into depth on those specs, but the uniform wore much like a typical ACU with 50/50 NYCO material. You will also see some of the Combat XII-MEC Pack in the mix.

PenCott Badlands Prototype Uniform 

The Badlands Pattern proved quite effective for the area we were in, which included plenty of desert vegetation considering the region with the bright green Palo Verdes blending right in with the pattern. We had an “elephant man” mask that worked well with the Sandstorm pattern, but clearly a lily white face is a giveaway when not covered.

PenCott Badlands in Sonoran Desert

All photos are taken within 50 yards of the photographer or closer, so we didn’t get any extreme distance shots, but you can extrapolate how that may play out whether out in the open or with the aid of surrounding concealment. We will have some different hide shots and distant photos for a future batch.

PenCott Badlands in Arizona

PenCott Sandstorm proved highly effective in the sandy wash areas, especially when we threw on the “elephant man” mask and tan boots. You can see in the shot below that I am standing completely out in the open at a close distance yet blend in with the surrounding rock face quite well.

PenCott Sandstorm in Desert Wash

When photographed at a moderate distance one can blend into the surrounding light colored sand quite well with the Sandstorm camouflage while out in the open. Throw in some cover and the pattern will be highly effective for disappearing into a sandy desert environment.

PenCott Sandstorm Camouflage Hide

Clearly, PenCott GreenZone would stick out like a sore thumb in Southern and Central Arizona. Of course, as you reach higher elevations, it would prove to be a more effective option in Northern regions of the state. The great aspect of camouflage being developed today is the multi-environmental approach to providing multiple options no matter what terrain you may encounter. Now with Snowdrift in the mix, Hyde Definition is offering four camouflage options to cover regions all over the globe.

Having good concealment options on hand makes all the difference when the area of use is yet to be determined. Visit HydeDefinition.com for full details on PenCott camouflage and for a wide range of manufacturers offering products with the patterns.

PenCott Sandstorm Camouflage Reveal