Operation Lion Claws Military Simulation Series (OLCMSS) was established by John Lu in Oct. 2002, and has since grown from a modest California-based “special event” to an international military war games phenomena.

The OLCMSS events are led by a cast of inspirational military personalities ranging from Ranger Col. (ret) DannyMcKnight of “Black Hawk Down” fame, Ranger MSG (ret) Howard “Mad Max” Mullen (co-author of Army’s Hand to Hand Combat Manual), legendary Green Beret Col. (ret) Paul Longgrear, Sgt. Kenn Miller, a LRRP man with 80 Vietnam missions under his belt (and author of several of the “Six Silent Men” book series, as well as “Tiger the LRRP Dog”), and Sgt. Igor Dobroff (Guards Airborne Division of the former USSR).

The series is broken down as ‘Operation Bull-Dog’ in the South West, ‘Operation Irene’ in the Midwest, ‘Operation Northern Wind’ in the East, and ‘Operation Lion Claws’ (the original event and dubbed the “Super Bowl of Airsoft”) in the West.  Each year there is also a special historical-based military simulation titled ‘Operation Hac Bao’ in Southern California with a focus on Vietnam War.

OLCMSS is also in the process of developing an international series in which participants will have an opportunity to test their skills in foreign countries under similar mock combat conditions.

The Operation Lion Claws series provides an excellent opportunity for men and women who crave action and excitement to test their physical and mental strength, to learn to give and receive orders and to develop a sense of teamwork under mock combat conditions. 

To join, participants must first apply for a position.  Participants under 18 must be vouched by an adult and apply for a position via a written petition, and father and son pairs are strongly encouraged.  OLCMSS also has an exceptional policy of accepting returning troops at a moments notice.

The Operation Lion Claws series does not promise fancy prizes or “goodie bags”, nor does it promise a well-equipped comfortable “Fort Living Room” style safe zone.  What it does promise is a weekend of physical hardship, tactical challenge, and a sense of camaraderie.  Mostly though, Operation Lion Claws offers you an airsoft Milsim experience like no other.

For full information, visit: www.oplionclaws.com

A random selection of photos from last year’s events…

hacboa_031 hocbao_024    opns_iii_pics_and_vid_042