Like it or loathe it, everybody’s into new camouflage these days.  And while some countries are taking the path of least resistance and adopting MultiCam, or a derivative of it, other countries are taking a more in-depth approach.

Poland is an example of the latter – although they do also seem to not be in much of a hurry about it.  But perhaps the pace is about to pick up a bit on the back of the news today that there is now a new indigenous-designed pattern entering the scene.

The pattern is called MAPA (Polish for “map”) and has been scientifically designed by”ASP post-graduate Mr. Maciej Dojlitko” to specifically match the terrain and vegetation found in Poland.  According to the information we received today from SPECOPS Poland, the prime contractor for the Polish Army’s Future Soldier clothing and equipment, the camo has been designed as a family-of-patterns and that this is just the first prototype – so there may well be some further tweaks.

This Photoshopped image shows how a rank of Polish soldiers would look wearing this camo scheme.

According to further information we received from SPECOPS, the company confirmed that they were not involved in the development of the pattern, they were simply contracted to make uniforms from supplied “MAPA” camouflage fabric.  SPECOPS also confirmed that the Polish Army is still some way away from a full and final comparison test between the Polish Army’s current Wz93 “Pantera” pattern, this pattern and the other foreign and commercial patterns that the company is working with.

As more information comes to light, we will share it with you – but in the meantime, enjoy these photos of the prototype pattern paired with SPECOPS‘ MBS-2 combat suit design being worn in situ.