From their inception in the dark days of the summer of 1940 to their stunning victories against the odds in the Falklands War and beyond, the British Airborne Forces have cut a distinctive look on the battlefield as well.

But the Airborne Forces distinctive Parachutists Smock and baggy combat trousers were far more than just military fashion – they served extremely useful purposes, and left an indelible imprint on the design of ground combat clothing over the decades that followed.

Published in conjunction with the Airborne Forces Museum, the new book “DENISON”, due out next month from Military Mode Publishing, will be the most comprehensively researched and illustrated history of the special combat clothing used by British Airborne Forces from WWII to the present day.

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It looks as though Military Mode Publishing is going to also publish a follow-up volume dedicated to the specialist headgear of the British Airborne Forces.


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