28th January 2009 – latest news from Dominic Hyde of Hyde Definition:

A momentous day for Hyde Definition – first order despatched today.

“Because our garments are made in the UK, we are receiving our stock on a daily basis, as it is completed. As soon as we have all the pieces for each order they will be despatched. Currently we are fulfilling shirt orders with uniforms, trousers and hats next on the agenda. Thanks for your patience.We are truly a British success story with all of our printing, treatment and garment make up completed on home turf. Only the actual manufacture of the fabric is carried out overseas, but then we’re not really large enough to have our own textile mill!”Meanwhile, on a different note – can you spot “Herbie Hyde” in the photos below? hyde-in-the-grasshyde-in-the-treesGo to http://www.hydedefinition.com/latest_news.htm where all will be revealed…

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