OPFORThe OPFOR suit could be just the thing for airsoft or paintball players (or theatre and film crews) looking for a different, or African colonial-wars, look.  The camouflage pattern was inspired by the the classic Rhodesian camo, but isn’t intended as a faithful reproduction of it. The trousers feature a classic design of 2 sides pockets, 2 cargo pockets and 1 rear pocket – all secured with buttons.  The shirt is also a classic loose-fitting “bush” style with 2 chest pockets and 2 upper arm pockets.The non-classic feature is the waist band adjustment.  Using a strip of velcro on each side at the front, the width of the waist can be adjusted +/-5 cm.There is also a matching Boonie Hat, and an SAS-style smock is on the way.Material: 35/65 NyCo twill.Retail price for the suit is €59.90EPHOD:Rooivalk camo pattern, and Coyote Brown have now been added to the line-up. Retail price for the Ephod rig is €129.00Visit www.begadi.com for full details of these and all other products in the BE-X range.

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0 Responses to Latest News from BE-X:”OPFOR”camo suit, plus new”EPHOD”colours

  1. Akinnen says:

    Hi mate.As rhodie fan I must say I like this pattern, great for alternate history loadout, or like they say – terrorist look.You have more photos on their site if you like to update this news on your blog.Take care.

  2. Dixie says:

    Love the OPFOR idea. Nice to see legacy pattern making a come back (albeit more reminiscent than accurate). I imagine it will be versatile as it fades out a bit too.