I’ve seen a few after-market bullpup stocks come and go over the years, and most of the ones I’ve seen for AK-type weapons have been pretty fugly.So, when I saw this one on The Firearm Blog yesterday I was well impressed.  In fact, I found it hard to believe its an after-market stock for Saiga shotguns – you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a new type of combat shotgun altogether.  But it is in fact the GenII version of Kushnapup’s kit stock made exclusively for the Saiga 12-guage semi-auto shotgun.Full information can be found at www.kushnapup.com, and they’re now taking pre-orders at the special price of $200 (according to info on The Firearm Blog, the price will increase to $450 once the pre-orders have closed).go from this:to this: