The IWI 40 mm Grenade Launcher is compatible with all types of assault rifles, is made of lightweight materials, is easy to assemble and operate, and offers a stand-alone option that enables firing separately from the weapon.

Developed in cooperation with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), the IWI GL 40 Grenade Launcher – which weighs only 1.400 kg – is a single-shot 40x46mm launcher, ergonomically designed, and versatile.  Available in two barrel lengths – for 400m and 300m range – the GL 40 is designed for low and medium velocity (longer than usual range) rounds.  Unlimited feed for most 40mm rounds enables operation in any situation or combat conditions.  The stand-alone option enables firing separately from the launcher when it is dismantled from the weapon.

Attaching to the lower rail of the weapon and locking rapidly with the lever, the GL40 can be quickly assembled and disassembled by a single soldier without any additional tools.  Due to its side-opening barrel, which allows a simple injection and extraction of the grenade, it can use various lengths of ammunition including long grenades.  Picatinny rails on the bottom and sides enable the incorporation of various devices and accessories.

TheIWI ACE N Assault Rifle is a member of the ACE Family of assault rifles that fires the 5.56mm NATO cartridge. The ACE Family of Assault Rifles is based on the exceptionally reliable mechanism of the very successful GALIL Assault Rifle. Blending enhanced human engineering and ergonomics with the demands of the modern battlefield – and providing both automatic and semi-automatic fire modes – the ACE has been extensively battle proven under the most extreme conditions, worldwide.

The rifle comes in three barrel lengths. Its 4 Picatinny rails act as a platform to mount a wide array of optical devices and other accessories. Air cooled and gas operated, the rifles are easy to use by right or left-handed users, are simple to maintain without special tools, and include night sights and telescopic and/or foldable butts.