We reported back before the show that this year there was a huge increase in the number of companies that would be featuring products in PenCott™ patterns on their booths.   And indeed, visitors to IWA 2015 certainly would have seen plenty of it – as this round-up shows below.

In no special order, here is a run-down on all the PenCott products that were on display in Nuremburg.


New things on their booth this year were the ventilated CPU Boonie Hat and the PCS Smock – both items were displayed in the GreenZone pattern.


You can download a PDF copy of Helikon-Tex’s entire 2015 Military and Law Enforcement catalog here.

Direct Action

Making its debut as a full, stand-alone brand under the Helikon-Tex stable, the Direct Action team displayed the full range of their gear designed for professional special operations forces end-users.  Interestingly, they are only offering two camouflage patterns; GreenZone and MultiCam®.


You can download a PDF copy of the Direct Action 2015 catalog here.


A small company from a small country – but very big on innovation and quality – UF PRO rolled out their latest developments at IWA 2015.  Included on the display were their ‘Hunter Sweater’ and ‘SmallPac Monsoon’ in GreenZone and the new and improved ‘HT’ version of their ‘Striker’ BDU pants and shirt in BadLands.


Visit UF PRO’s website for full product details.

Leo Koehler

The renowned German field uniform producer had several new products in PenCott camouflage on display on their booth – including, the new ‘Kampfjacke Kurz Einsatz/Übung’ and ‘Kampfjacke Lang Einsatz/Übung’ (Short Battle Jacket for Operations and Training, and Long Battle Jacket for Operations and Training), reversible Snow Camo Oversuit, and their new ‘Defender’ combat trousers.  Look for these to be hitting retail shops soon.




Visit Leo Koehler’s website and Facebook page for further info.

 Sohni Tactical

Exhibiting for the first time at IWA, Sohni Tactical from Estonia showcased their ‘Direct Action’ uniform in GreenZone – they also displayed their ‘S&R’ (Sniper & Reconnaissance) uniform which will also be available in GreenZone soon.  Designed by a former Estonian SOF operator, and with the heavy involvement of and field testing by members of Estonian special operations forces, Sohni Tactical is a company worth keeping an eye on.


Check out Sohni Tactical’s website and Facebook page for further information.

Tasmanian Tiger

TASMANIAN TIGER is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of professional equipment and gear for military and police forces – and one of the definite highlights of the IWA was the rollout of their range of products being produced in PenCott-GreenZone and BadLandsSee the video we posted recently for a full overview.


Keep an eye out for these products to come into stock with Tasmanian Tiger dealers soon, and check out Tasmanian Tiger’s website for further details about their product line.


GECKOsuperior is the online shop of ‘Project Gecko’ and specializes in retailing only top-quality European and Israeli brand name products that they’ve personally and extensively field-tested.  Of special note are their special-edition combat vests and load-carrying solutions produced in partnership with Oso Gear in Israel.  Featured on their display at IWA was the ‘Salamandra’ plate carrier system in GreenZone.


Check out GECKOsuperior’s website and Facebook page for further information.


One of the newest manufacturers to take on the PenCott patterns, ZentauroN makes load-carrying pouches, backpacks, plate carrier systems and other professional gear for the German military – as well as foreign militaries and special operations units.  Their new PenCott line of products was prominently featured on their stand at IWA.


For further information about their products, visit their website and Facebook page.

KarrimorSF / Grey Ghost Gear

Karrimor is one of the leading backpack makers in the world and their products have been used by military, police and explorers for many years.  KarrimorSF is also the European distributor for Grey Ghost Gear products as well.


You will soon be able to find KarrimorSF and Grey Ghost Gear products in PenCott-GreenZone™ and BadLands™ through the KarrimorSF dealer network.


Wisport manufacturers a wide range of backpacks and other load-carrying gear for the military, hunting and outdoors markets – all of which is proudly made in Poland.  Wisport displayed a couple of prototypes of their standard backpacks in GreenZone and will be rolling out a range of products in the PenCott patterns within the next couple of months.


Keep an eye on Wisport’s website and Facebook page for further information and releases.

MD Textil

MD Textil is a small, family-owned business that produces small batches of high-quality, specialist web gear and load-carrying solutions – as well as retailing other specialist equipment that supports their own products.  With their unique SnowDrift ‘messenger’ bags, they were relatively easy to spot in the exhibition hall – rather more well-camouflaged were examples of their craft in GreenZone and BadLands that were featured on the Tacticaltrim booth.




Check out MD Textil’s website and Facebook page for further products and information.

Rasputin Item

Producing clothing and gear for airsoft market, Rasputin Item’s full line of PenCott products were on display at the booth of Polish airsoft retailer Gunfire.


The full range of Rasputin Item products will be available for sale through Gunfire’s website.