According to the latest intel from our friends in The Netherlands, it appears that at last there has been an official announcement that NFP (Netherlands Fractal Pattern) will officially be the new national pattern for the Dutch Armed Forces – well, at least the Army anyways…


The so-called “Netherlands Fractal Pattern” (NFP) has been developed in both ‘woodland’ and ‘arid’ terrain versions, and the fabric of the new combat uniform featuring the patterns will incorporate inherent near-Infra-Red-reflectance (nIR), flame-retardant (FR) and insect repellant characteristics.

Over the week-end, and on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the Royal Dutch Army, articles appeared in De Telegraaf and a special edition of Metro that highlighted the new individual combat uniform and equipment being adopted by the Dutch Army.


The style of the new combat uniform might look familiar – it was designed by the Norwegian company NFM and is based on their GARM clothing system.  Along with the new uniforms, the Dutch squaddie can look forward to new boots, new helmet, new protective vest , new load-carrying gear and a host of other new personal equipment.  But so far, it looks like the Dutch are sticking with solid-color web gear (which will detract from the concealment performance of the new camo pattern).


There’s apparently still been no confirmation yet if the Dutch Marines and Air Force will also adopt the new camouflage and equipment.


Thanks to Robert Hendrik and to Militaire-Uitrusting blog.