I recently received news from Sabre (www.sabre-shop.de) that they’ve released the upgraded Generation II versions of their outstanding Special Forces and Sniper smocks and trousers – currently only available in authentic German 5-colour temperate and 3-colour tropical camouflage patterns. sabre-sf-trousers-genii-3c Meanwhile, they still have some stocks of their full Gen.I range in several different camouflage  patterns, including the recently adopted 3-colour Desert pattern (Wuestentarn).sabre-geni-sf-smock-wt

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  2. Sniper says:

    This last it’s so close to new and fres spanish camo desert (it’s be issued this year). You can see here:http://www.imagenonline.com/img_a116280.jpg

    • strikehold says:

      Not really – the German Desert camouflage is a derivative of Flecktarn / Tropentar with colours influenced by Canadian Arid CADPAT. The new Spanish trial patterns appear to have been influenced more by MultiCam.