Here is your chance to own a truly classic, unique and EXCEPTIONALLY high quality Galil AEG from the now out-of-business TSI Armories.

This airsoft rifle has been in storage for the last 3 years and its unlikely that I will be getting out to skirmish with it again any time in the near future; plus, I need the cash to be honest…

Picture 083

So, what would you be getting?  Here’s some info extracted from the full review I did back in October 2008:

TSI Armories were a bunch of ex-IDF guys based in southern California who passionately felt about making the most highly detailed, accurate and rugged Galil ARM, SAR and MAR models possible.  When you pick up a TSI Galil you immediately notice the quality of the materials and construction, and the weight.  No surprise really as they made quite extensive use of “real-steel” Galil components when building the replicas.

Picture 092

The real-steel parts include;

  • reinforced nylon folding stock (I later swapped this for a real-steel first version metal stock)
  • receiver cover and rear-sight assembly
  • front hand-guard (complete with original internal heat shield/reflector!)
  • front sight/gas block assembly
  • trigger guard
  • magazine release catch
  • right-hand fire selector lever

The level of quality on the CNC machined, airsoft-only parts is no less impressive.  For example, the airsoft-only compatible lower receiver is machined from a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum and finished to an exceedingly high standard.

Picture 084

TSI Armories Galils used Version 3 airsoft mech-boxes, and I ordered mine with a tight-bore inner barrel and an M110 spring (which means the mechanism will propel a .20 gram plastic BB at 110 metres per second, or approximately 350 feet per second).  The tight-bore barrel also gives better accuracy and more consistent velocities.

The battery capacity is limited to an 1100 MaH stick battery – and it is a bit of a tight squeeze to get the battery in, but once you’ve practiced it a couple of times it becomes straightforward and easy.  As with most AK replicas, the stick battery slots partially into the gas tube assembly and lays across the top of the internals. I ordered mine with Deans connectors, and I’m glad I did as I think it would be quite a tight fit to use the Tamiya-style of connectors inside the tightly packed receiver. Its also best to have a spare battery with you when you go skirmishing, as I’ve found that I typically have to change to a fresh one just over half-way through the day.

Picture 094

The TSI Galil SAR accepts King Arms Galil magazines, M4 / M16 STANAG magazine (with adapter), and King Arms AK47 & AK74 magazines.  Read more about these options here.

I modified mine by affixing a short Picatinny-style rail on the bottom of the hand guard – this allows the attachment of a vertical foregrip, a bipod, a light, a laser, or any other tactical accessory that makes sense.

Picture 087

Picture 089

I also have a real-steel Galil QD scope mount with a 4x M16 scope included that fits the rifle.


  1. one fully functioning TSI Armories Galil SAR AEG in very good condition
  2. one real-deal TDI vertical foregrip/bipod
  3. one Galil QD scope mount with fitted 4x scope (both “real deal”)
  4. one rubber pistol grip sheath
  5. one real-deal Command Arms cheek rest
  6. seven King Arms mid-cap (120 rd.) airsoft Galil magazines (all in good working order)
  7. two 1100 MaH stick batteries with Deans connectors
  8. one black nylon rifle bag

pimped SAR left side


$750 for the TSI Armories Galil SAR aeg (with the 2 batteries and seven magazines)

$25 for the cheek rest

$50 for the vertical foregrip/bipod

$100 for the QD scope mount and scope

$875 for the entire set

pimped SAR right side

(note: replica suppressor seen above is no longer available)

Whether for the entire set, or for the separate components, shipping will be figured out and charged separately.

Contact me for any questions or further information – Lawrence ([email protected])