Speaking of “Bootsday”, Danner have a great range of footwear designed specifically for military operations in mountainous terrain.  The most recent pair to join the squad is the Gavre GTX® 6″ model in gunmetal color.

Although designed for military use, the “Gunmetal” version has more of civilian – or at least “cross-over” – look to it.  The Gavre is also built with a fully rubberized outsole and integrated polypropylene board that provides optimal stability underfoot at higher elevations, but is also flexible enough for low-land operations as well.

Special attention was also given to a flexible lacing system that moves with your foot, as well as building the boot in such a way that it maintains its flexibility in the cold.  The boot also features outsole lugs for side-hilling movements, combined with pentagonal lugs in the middle for added traction on varying surfaces.

The Gavre GTX® 6″ is also available in Olive for those who want a more “military” color option.

The full range of Danner’s military boots are available from Source One Distributors – click on their banner ad on the right hand side of the screen to see them all.


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