Established in 1985, Arktis Ltd. is one of the Founding Fathers of the revolution in soldiers’ equipment that has been going on for the past 25+ years.  But, whilst Arktis have always been known for great products, they’ve never had a great web presence.  Well, that changed today – with the launch of their all-new website!

The new website is easy and intuitive to navigate through, offering several different ways in fact to quickly and easily get to the section or product that you’re interested in, and it also features great hi-quality product imagery throughout.  The one thing that I find a bit a bit surprising / confusing is that they now list everything by its model number rather than its name – its only when you click on the item that you discover, for example, that “A110″ is the “Hot Climate Shirt”.

Another thing which I found interesting was that Arktis has modified its range of standard available colors and camouflage patterns.  The solid colors available now includes Grey, as well as Black, Olive and Coyote.  The camouflage patterns available are:  Belgian “Pizzaflage”, French CCE, British DPM, Irish DPM, MEP (a commercial alternative to official MTP), Dutch DPM, Swedish “Splinter camo”, Dutch Digital-DPM, Leaf, and Tundra (developed by Arktis for the French mountain troops).

On the personal equipment side of things, Arktis have a range of load-bearing vests in Black for the Police services, 3 ranges of Hi-Visibility vests for the Police and Ambulance services, a range of Military vests available in multiple colors and camouflage patterns, and a range of MOLLE pouches available in 2 subdued colors and 2 hi-viz colors.

One very important thing to note is that the Arktis site is purely a “brochure” site – there are no prices listed, neither is there any kind of online purchasing possibility.  If you want to purchase Arktis kit you will have to go through one of their authorized dealers.

Finally, Arktis also do a lot of custom work for qualified military and law enforcement units.  To see examples of the type of things Arktis has done in the past, you’ll need to contact the company and request a password for the restricted area of the website.


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