Issue 5 of Airsoft Soldier is now out! 2010, the Chinese “Year of the Tiger”, is also shaping up to be an great year for the magazine:First up, we’ve shifted our printing operations to the UK!  Subscribers in the UK will already be noticing the immediate difference this has made as they begin to receive their copies this week – posted from a UK address and with a noticable improvement in the paper and print quality of the magazine.Secondly, we’ve set up an ordering and distribution system for UK retailers through our new print partner.  Retailers can now log on through a dedicated webpage and order quantities of the magazine (in batches of ten) which will be processed, fulfilled and billed all from within the system – easy, quick and hassle-free.  “Simples!”The following UK retailers are currently selling the magazine (as of Issue 5 going to press):

  • Land Warrior Airsoft
  • Airsoft Armoury
  • X-Site
  • Phoenix Airsoft
  • Platoon Stores
  • Special Airsoft Supplies
  • GASS
  • Action Gamers
  • UCAP

If your favourite retailer isn’t in the list, ask them anyway – they might have signed up already too…Regardless of your geographical location, individuals can continue as always to subscribe to the magazine, or buy single issues, through our website ( further information, please contact either Jarkko “Master Chief” Koskinen (Editor-in-Chief) or Lawrence “Maple Leaf” Holsworth (Assistant Editor).  Also be sure to visit our news page and our forum for regular updates and extra features.We would also like to take this opportunity to publically thank all of our subscribers, retail partners and advertisers who kept faith with us through the challenges of the past couple of years.  We hope that these significant developments will help you to enjoy the benefits of getting the magazine even faster and easier than before.  And we also hope to welcome even more subscribers, retailers and advertisers to the ranks of the Airsoft Soldier community as a result.Watch out for Issue 6, our special WWII issue, soon!Airsoft Soldier – aim higher    

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