Chances are, you’ll never find (or be able to afford) a genuine real-steel Gewehr Model 1943 (G43) – sometimes known as ‘the German Garand’ – but unless you have a fat stack in your wallet or a high credit limit, you might struggle to afford to buy one of these too!

Shoei Seiakusho Inc. of Japan, renowned for their extremely faithful, museum quality non-firing replicas of firearms, has announced that they will be manufacturing a GBB airsoft replica of the famous WWII German G43 semi-auto rifle.  Shoei is taking pre-orders now, with the product release scheduled for the Spring of 2017.

According to information shared with Airsoft & Military News; “first production of the new G43 will be of (or around) 200 pieces.  After that, any continuation of thereafter will be based on market’s demand. As you already know, our products have always been of high quality in both metal and wood, realistic in both function and appearance, and most importantly very limited production. Therefore this new G43 will be just as good or may be even better than the rest of our past products thanks to the latest manufacturing process.  For instance, our wood stock will be made of laminated wood just like the original WW2 G43, and all metal components will be intricately reproduced and manufactured via molding process.”

If you’ve ever owned or seen a Shoei product up-close, you know that their quality is absolutely stunning – in many cases, their replicas are probably finished to a much higher standard than the original firearms were.  Of course all this limited production, high-quality workmanship comes with a rather hefty price tag;  Shoei anticipate that the selling price of their G43 replica will be around 210,000 Yen or 1,800 Euros.  This also equates to about 1,890 USD at current exchange rates.

So, if you’re willing to pay almost $2,000 for a gas-powered airsoft rifle, you can go ahead and pre-order one of these beauties now (with a 50% deposit) by contacting Tomio at Shoei:

E-mail: [email protected]