Seems it took less than a day to rumble the “teaser campaign” for A-TACS.  What was supposed to be some super-secret, high-speed, unusual camouflage pattern to be announced at the 2010 SHOT Show has had its cover blown.A quick Google search turned up half a dozen pictures of the pattern on various water-transfer-process vendor’s websites, plus pictures of guns and knives that have already been coated with it.  So much for OPSEC…But, more importantly, is it really some kind of amazing new super-effective, unusual, killer camouflage pattern?  Not from where I’m sitting.  To me, it looks like somebody took the WWI German lozenge pattern, gave it drab earthy colours and put it through a size and edge distortion filter in Photoshop.  Sorry guys, but in my opinion it really does.Anyways, judge for yourselves. ATACS Glock

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0 Responses to Advanced Tactical Concealment System – no longer secret

  1. kodiak22 says:

    Check out Soldier systems they have the first promo shot of it up on their page.

  2. Paul says:

    I think it looks like it could work, but it will have to be seen and depends where you use it lol.

  3. LCPLmwf says:

    It looks like a muddled version of a hunting pattern…But…I agree…we’ll have to see some actual field tests.

  4. kodiak22 says:

    Just read on lightfighter that these are pics on the older version, and the current/future version is a bit different( in colors i think).

  5. r1p_c0rd says:

    i’m not that impressed either, i would expect it blob out at any significant range although i played around with the sizing and the smaller it gets the more it looks like someone has taken the old ASAT pattern and given it a digital makeover… be interesting to see some field tests

  6. Dixie says:

    Devils advocate…maybe all it takes is a sponge. :-) There’s probably an A-TAC brush set you can download for Photoshop. They’d make a bit of money from that!Lawrence, we’re gonna want a full review when you get a sample. Send them an email and tell them we are waiting :-D

  7. Walter Ruf says:

    Similar pattern, but with far more high-contras, vivid colors, was tested by the german yrmy in the 70s…Looks intersting for a closer look…

  8. Lawrence says:

    Well, maybe I’m being harsh – but it really does look like something you could knock up with a sponge and a box of water-colour paints, or like an expressionist/cubist painting run through a distortion filter. FWIW – Strike-Hold! is not impressed. Seems to be a case of lots of hype, and not much substance.

  9. Dixie says:

    I like it. nice soft edges and blends. Guess we’ll just have to wait for the Strike Hold expose. :-)

  10. stupid_civie says:

    I’ll be interested to see the pattern actually “at work.” Is the color scheme derived from the same palette as UCP? Perhaps with an additional darker green or brown color?