Sometime yesterday we got our 50,000th visitor!  Congratulations to whoever you are/were!

It was on a bit of whim that I launched Strike-Hold! back at the tail-end of August. I just thought that there must be at least a few other people out there who also wanted to see up-to-date and accurate information about real-deal special ops “stuff”, mil-sim/tac-sim/professional-training oriented airsoft weapons and kit, news about the world’s hot-spots, and interesting reading and viewing material – all in one place. 

Well, it seems that this combination has definitely struck a chord – right from the start it started to get noticed and recommended. Portals such as Arnie’s Airsoft, and Soldier Systems Daily have been supporters right from the get-go; and over time, lots of other portals, communitities and forums have joined in passing the word around. 



At the present time, there are regular visitors from as far afield as Australia, the US, Canada, South Africa and Russia.  Closer to home, there are loads of regulars from the UK and across the length and breadth of the European continent.  And as I had intended (and hoped), they run the gamut from real-deal operators and soldiers to hardcore airsofters and history buffs.  The recent weekly visitor stats (below) speak for themselves.

So, here’s to you all, whoever you are, where-ever you are, whatever you do – and however you get it done.  Cheers!  As for me, I’ll keep bringing you even more good stuff to keep you informed and enthused.  Here’s to the next 50,000 – and beyond.

Finally, to celebrate this milestone, I’d launching a special competition:



P.S.  The most popular articles overall since the launch are shown in the chart below: